Paul Jules Smith



Paul Jules Smith’s work confronts the unknown. His explorations combine a polished aesthetic with a hybrid narration, between fiction and documentary. Conceived as poetic ballads, they play with randomness, survey normality, shake the imaginary and unveil the intimate. A reassuring unity emerges from these conversations with the bizarre. The voice of the author initiates the dialogs with complete freedom of tone, movement and form. It blends in with its interlocutors’ echoes, without overshadowing them or giving in to illusions of neutrality. Paul is first and foremost a voyeur. He admits it and recognizes a certain perversity is inherent to his process, which he keeps pragmatic, sober and playful.

Born in France, he studied cinema at the University of Lyon II and at the Chung-Ang University of Seoul, before joining the photography section at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels La Cambre, in Brussels. He lives and works in Brussels.

Contact: +32(0)483.05.24.84

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